Complete to Spec

Refrigeration Control ensures that all Complete To Spec projects are completed to the exact customer specifications by skilled technicians, dedicated project managers and a rigorous quality assurance team.  You provide us your specifications and we will get to work.  Rest assured that the details will be followed precisely.

Benefits of Complete to Spec Projects

  • Precise Timeline
  • Part-Specific Details
  • Clear Quality Standards
  • Known Results
  • Delivery of Exactly What Requested

The visual plans and written specifications work together — with the plans focused on what to build, and the specifications focused on how to build it.

Prescriptive Specifications

Of the three types of construction specifications, prescriptive specs focus on the details for the types of materials used and the installation of said materials. Prescriptive specs give a better idea of what the final product will look like compared to other options.

There are three separate parts of Prescriptive Specs: general, products and execution. General consists of information such as national quality standards, product handling, design requirements and quality control. The products phase will go over the different products necessary for each task as well as the individual performance levels of each product. The execution phase will go over how to prepare and install them. This process also involves testing the quality of the materials and checking if they were installed correctly.

Performance Specifications

These specs include the operational requirements of a project. They detail what the final installed product needs to be capable of doing. Here designers and architects provide the details on how the final product has to work.

Of the three types of construction specifications, this phase involves most of the testing to make sure a project meets all of its operational requirements. The architect or engineer describes the project outcome and trusts the trade contractor’s experience to get there.

Proprietary Specifications

Proprietary specs detail a single type of product for any kind of installation. These are the least common of the three types of construction specifications, but they are for jobs involving existing equipment and already completed installations. This is the least used specification program because of the inability to achieve competitive costs and alternative brand usage.

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